Monday, May 24, 2010

(Re)Discover the Joy of Stamping

Ever have the supplies that you just have to have, but then never end up using?  Stamps are that never used must have for me.  It wasn't until my 8-year-old niece came over this weekend that I re-discovered how much fun stamping can be (not to mention all the versatility)!

She asked to see my stamps so she could craft with Aunt Gen (that's what we do here at Gen Co.)  I took all my stamp drawers out for her and realized that I have a metric ton of these rubbery embellishments!  

I began organizing my stash and then I felt like playing.  I spent the rest of the weekend making dozens of these cute little summery treats.  My hubby came home Saturday night to find penguins as far as the eye can see!


I had so much fun!  Granted, it does take more time than using ready-made embellishments, but there is a real satisfaction that comes with building from scratch.

I went all out on these mini-cards, too.  I was feelin' it ~ from Stickles to watercolor pencils ~ it was crafting madness this weekend!

These mini-cards are my new

For those of you not familiar, I will highlight one listing per week and offer it at a discounted price through the next Monday
 (while supplies last).

You can find this set of 3 cards on sale at any of my websites:

Hope you all have a warm and sunny week!


Parker's Prints said...

these are way too cute! perfect for summer :)

SusieJ said...

Loving those penguins Gen! Never seen these stamps before - they are gorgeous!
Sue xx
p.s. I have too many "must haves but never used" to

Gen said...

Thanks friends! Always so happy to see you stop by and leave comments. Happy summer to ya!


Kate said...

so Cute. I think I have some of these stamps from Imaginisce. Great idea I would probably make some of these cards now for the kids to used as their thank you notes when they get gifts.