Monday, February 8, 2010

Coming to Terms...

I've recently come to terms with actually using my favorite craft supplies.  Sounds fairly obvious, but it really is a big step. 

For years, I've horded all my favorite paper and embellishments.  I wouldn't want to "waste" these on just any layout.

I'd periodically go through my stash to ooh and aww over my favorites; not daring to cut any of them.  Finally, it dawned on me that there is never any shortage of fabulous goodies out there.  I keep buying, but then never using them.  Sometimes I wouldn't even open the package!

Although knowing in my head that it was silly, it was difficult for me to take the plunge and cut.  Tear open those glittery packages and glue it's cheery contents to something! 

Even as early as last year, it would have been a challenge for me to cut into another perfectly good 12x12 sheet of $1.10 card stock just to give my layout a 3D effect.  Once I did it (on the star layout below), I was tickled at how much prettier and more alive it seemed to be.

It takes a lot to let go, but I'm so much happier with the results. 


Mike Speegle said...

Ha ha! I know how you feel, pretty lady. There are piles of unsharpened fancy pencils (that I am sure that you have seen strewn about) that I am afraid to use and lose. It is silly.

SusieJ said...

I know that feeling well Gen! I still haven't come to terms with it!
Fabulous blog too.
Sue xx

Gen said...

You crack me up, Sue. It IS hard. When I cut the stars the other day, I think I was flinching a bit. :)

I'm so happy you like the blog! I'm having so much fun already and can't WAIT to post next!!!

Lisa said...

Hi sweetie! Welcome to Blogland! I have put you on my list and I think I have you as a favorite seller on etsy too! LOVE Etsy!! Your blog is lovely hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine!
Hugs, Lisa

Gen said...

Thanks, Lisa! I just added you to MY list of blogs, too. I'm already loving the blogging world and am just sorry that I put it off for so long.

Thanks for the warm welcome ~ I LOVE Etsy, too!!!

Scraprelief said...

That's funny, I do the same thing. Letters, I have tons of letters. Then when i find something to use them for, I feel bad - go figure

Tiffany said...

i have felt the same....but the outcome of the project is so rewarding!!

Gen said...

I'm glad to find that I'm not the only one out there! :)