Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Joy of Upcycling

As a scrapper, I like to find paper and trinkets that I can use on other crafts.  My eyes dart around hawk-like when my family is opening Christmas gifts ~ careful not to miss a fabulous, re-usable bow or tag.  I also scour the catalogs and advertisements that I get in the mail.  Maybe I can cut this or punch that...

I do love shopping for the newest scrapbook goodies, but nothing quite beats the feeling of being able to incorporate a "find" into one of my crafts.  It's taking "scrap"-booking back to the roots of the art itself!

I was so excited with this card!  The background paper and the main collage image were upcycled from the new My Mind's Eye catalog!  I had just received it in the mail last week and noticed how nice the cover pages of the magazine were!  Why throw it away?!  I also saw that the collage of die-cuts advertised made a perfect embellishment!  Together, with a little ribbon, glitter, buttons and other embellishments, I made a very cute and inexpensive card!


Lisa said...

I like upcycling! Think it's great! I have been thinking about your last post all day. I was so excited to find you I didn't comment on the actual post! I too have a really hard time using my goodies! I am always so proud of my self when I do! hehe I just love it all and want to keep it! I had a sweet blog friend send me a package of goodies to make things with but I will never use them! They are too sweet! I know I'm crazy! Glad I know someone else who thinks like that too!
Hugs, Lisa

Gen said...

LOL! You are too funny. :)

Speaking of blog friends sending stuff, I'm getting ready for my first giveaway. I can't WAIT! I think it's a great way to break in a new blog, don't you?

I'm actually working on TWO lots right now: 1 for my hubby's blog (he wants me to make lots of typewriter type ephemera cards and embellishments) and 1 for the blog here.

I hope to have it up and active by Friday or Saturday, so I hope you check back!

Always so nice to hear from you, Lisa! Thanks so much for your comments!!!

SusieJ said...

Fabulous card Gen! I too have "finds" from Christmas (ribbons, bows,tags etc). My family look at me as though I'm nuts!
Enjoying your blog.
Sue xx